Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Blast from the past

Here is a blast from the past!
A promotional photo I did in the 1980's for CKVU TV in Vancouver.
The show was called "Acting Crazy" with host Wayne Cox.
As I was scanning it for the post I was thinking how long it actually took me to get the image originally. It's shot on film so I had to get the B&W film processed ( one day ) and then get it back to the TV station so that the promo people could look at it,( another day ). They look at the contact sheets and pick the shot they wanted then I took it back to my darkroom and printed up ten 5X7's to send out to the media. At least another day gone.
With today's cameras and Wi-Fi you can shoot the image and have the image out to the media in about five minutes!
I love looking at my old images but I don't miss the time and trouble involved in getting the images.


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  2. CKVU 13 Vancouver 1976-1983
    CKVU VU13 British Columbia 1983-1988
    CKVU U. TV Vancouver 1988-1997
    CKVU Global British Columbia 1997-2001
    CKVU Citytv British Columbia 2002-2009