Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Work station blues

Last week I was working for The Canadian Press and Environment Canada at the Globe Conference in Vancouver.
But that is not what I would like to talk about today.
I would like to touch on a little known issue to most people who do not work in the photography business.
It's called "Photo gear envy"!
I like most of my counterparts in the business try to keep up with the newest trends and photo equipment that is required in our line of work. And that's not an easy thing today with the blistering pace of the constantly changing photo equipment market. 
Case in point, my work station. As I waited for my images to be sent to Toronto I started to look around at other photographers equipment and realized that even though my cameras, lenses and laptop are perfectly fine and do the job they are intended to do, I was starting to think about upgrading. 

What is he or she using?
How much do I spend?
Do I change camera makers?
Is their's better than mine?
Where can I get lunch in this building? Oops, not part of my rant. 

I shoot Canon and to change my equipment over completely to another camera maker would just cost too much. 
Constantly upgrading in small increments in my opinion is the answer.  
The days of when a film camera would last you 10 years have long since passed into the digital age. Buying new equipment on a one or two year cycle and constantly upgrading is now a fact of life.
Even though I'm a Canon shooter this new Panasonic looks pretty enticing. 
Twelve frames a second, 4K video, fastest auto-focus,
 Wi-fi transfer and control, half the weight of my equipment. Hmmm!

Keep your head down in your computer Michael and stop thinking about "Gear Envy".