Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Portraits, portraits and more portraits!

As a photographer who shoots events, announcements and corporate awards I also do my fair share of Corporate portraits.  A large company like The Bank of Montreal wants to make it as easy as possible for its employees to have their portraits done. So as a result I come to them with a full studio. Backdrop, lights, reflectors and laptop to view my images in real time.
The only thing I need at a location is about 10-15 feet shooting area and a plugin for my lights. Simple and easy for the client. My set up takes about half an hour and I'm ready to go!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

2014 C.F.L. Grey Cup Championship

It's hard to believe this was my 5th Grey Cup and my 3rd Cup shooting images. For the 2014 cup ( as well as the 2011 Cup )  I was hired by The Canadian Press and CFL promotions to shoot the on field promotions. This is different from the action shots that you see in the newspapers the following day. These are images for the CFL to show their advertisers how the adds were used and how much exposure they get during the big game.
Sounds easy, right? Not!
BC Place in Vancouver holds 55.000 fans and is a huge stadium! Walking around, up and down flights of stairs, back and forth on the field numerous times, all while holding three cameras and lenses and a belt full of other camera gear takes its toll on the body.
Talking to other photographers after the game I was not alone in my pain. Sore backs, legs and shoulders are the norm after a big game.
Having said this, there is an excitement to being on the field, the best seat in the house but you are so busy shooting images that there really is no time to watch the action.

This image was taken after the game and even though I was pretty tired I still could muster a smile.
This image was taken before the game in warm-up. Same smile, pre-tired body.

I did have time before the game to have a great chat with Anthony Calvillo. A CFL hall of fame quarterback and Pro football all time leader for passing yards. Not just CFL leader but NFL as well!
And just for the record the Calgary Stampeders won the cup. Here they are holding up the Grey cup after the game. Even though my day was over by then, I could not leave without getting a shot of the celebrations.